I have a simple outlook on life, be kind to others & smile at complete strangers. If everyone sprinkled a few more smiles into this world, it would be a far more magical place. I believe without pink the world would be dull. In my opinion, a warm cup of coffee can cure any mood, and a house is never complete without a vase full of stems and soft petals. A good book gives you the ability to dream with your eyes open,  & of all the books in the world, my favorite stories are those found between the pages of a passport.

As far as my sense of style, I don't have one. In the words of my mother, I'm "eclectic". I believe there is something so beautiful about simplicity, I love anything that catches my eye. 

So come Indulge with me as I discover the world and all the little dainty, delicate, & darling things in it. 


The Blog Baby