Amazon Travel Finds-Part 1.

I've Rounded Up a Few of My Favorite Amazon Travel Finds, Perfect For Road Trips or Flying! They are Not Only Practical, but Adorable as Well! For More Great Finds, be Sure to Check out My Amazon page! Enjoy!

1. Pink Luggage- Comes in 5 colors! Blue, silver, pink, purple, & black. You can either buy them as a 3-piece set, or individually!

2. Power beat Pro Wireless Earphones- The brand sells itself, but I absolutely love these wireless headphones! Comes in 8 matte like colors! Black, pink, navy, moss, cream, yellow, light Blue, & red. I personally have the moss & love them!

3. Passport Book- Super cute & comes in 7 colors! Pink, black, brown, blue, orange, purple, & red.

4. Portable Travel Steamer- This is one of my favorites! Heats up super quick & works well! Much easier than ironing!

5. Flat Water Bottle- This water bottle is genius! The shape makes it so easy to place in a duffel bag, purse, etc. I Absolutely love this find!

6. Travel Cable Organizer- This is a personal non-negotiable must have! I hate getting all my cords tangled or lost! Having them all in one place is the best! The rose gold is so cute, however there are 8 other colors to choose from as well.

7. Make-up Case- This comes in 2 sizes; I have the smaller one & it works great! If you have lots of make-up or want to double it up as a toiletry bag, I recommend the bigger size.

8. Empty Refillable Perfume Spray Bottles- These are TSA approved, they are great if you want to bring perfume & the bottle you have does not meet TSA requirements! Comes in a pack of 3.

9. Folding Travel Hangers- Need I say more? Lol! I never have enough hangers in the hotel to hang all my cloths, these are great & easily stored in a toiletry bag, etc. Comes in a pack of 4, & the colors are cute!

10.4 Slot Travel Foldable Sunglasses/Glasses Organizer- Essential if you are someone who travels with multiple pairs of sunglasses or glasses. It comes in black & brown.

11.Jewelry Organizer- I have gone through my fair share of jewelry organizers & this is by far my favorite! It holds a ton, & fold down flat. It also comes in tons of other colors & patterns!

12.Luggage Organizing Cubes- These are great if you love an organized luggage! They come in tons of different colors and are either sold as an 8 or 6 pack.

13.Neck Pillow- This is a great neck pillow, super comfy! It comes with a storage bag, ear plugs, & an eye mask as well! It comes in quite a few colors, including black, grey, & a pretty mint color.

14.Portable Charger-I do not know much about electronics; all I do know...I could not travel without this! It comes in 5 colors, blue, red, silver, rose gold, & black.

15.Duffel Bag- Super cute & affordable, also comes in tons of colors!

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