Updated: Jun 16, 2019

So where do I start....

My Bf Pat and I recently moved into a home, renovated it from the ground up. Me being my typical self have documented things here and there, but not to the extent I should. One thing I can honestly say, I am horrible at, documenting my life, which isn't the greatest quality to have when you are trying to become a blogger, LOL! So here it is, my first attempt at an honest blog post!

A few years back I purchased a sleigh bed from West Elm, we had painted our bedroom this really pretty grey color, safe to say that is when I learned the difference between a cool grey and a warm grey! The color that we had chose for our bedroom was beautiful, but completely clashed with our sleigh bed. It was so so sad and I made an effort to justify it so many ways, by telling myself it wasn't "that bad". Anyone else do that? Haha!

Meet my fur baby Charlee! The color did not match, this picture doesn't do it justice, but since I am so bad at documenting, unfortunately its pretty much the only "before" picture I have. ( I really got to work on that)

Back in Febuary, I got the sweetest message on Instagram from a woman named Yvonne, founder of Bohemiansdreams . She just wanted to let me know how much she loved the pictures I posted. We started talking, I took a look at her page, and fell in love with all of her homemade dream catchers. She lives in Australia, and has taken up a personal hobby of making the most adorable dream catchers out of her own home! She loved making them so much, she decided to make a little business out of it. Now shes at a point where she wants to expand her business to America! (Lets give her some love) I knew deep down that our bedroom needed a makeover, even if it was just a new fresh coat of paint. I decided to base my entire room makeover off of a dream catcher, might seem crazy, but that's how my brain works, LOL. I suffer from a severe case of what I like to call "indecisiveness", especially when it comes to home decor. I love it all, all styles! My decor decisions are usually triggered by something I see and love so much, I then base an entire room around it! Bohemiansdreams was my bedroom makeover trigger. We went back and forth on some ideas, she was so sweet and so easy to work with! I would recommend her to anyone, my experience with Yvonne was amazing. She had my dream catcher made, and shipped within days!

My room make over had officially began, I had ideas of what I wanted to do, but wasn't completely sure. I was scrolling through Pinterest for some bedroom inspiration and came across a beautiful bedroom from Restoring_home. She had the most beautiful black ship lap wall! Pat begged me not to do the ship lap wall, he told me it was gonna be LOTS of work, annoying electrical work to be more specific. However, Pat being kind as always, was hesitant, but somewhat up for the challenge, always willing to do what makes me happy when it comes to my crazy home decor ideas.

The first thing I decided to do was paint the entire room white while Pat was out of town. Well that was a major FAIL! In case you didn't know that whites can "clash", i'm here to tell you, think again. LOL. I got the wrong white! Mind you, our room is not easiest to paint, it has so many darn nooks and cranny's. We had a ladder in our room, it was green and the entire time I was painting I noticed this greenish/blue tint. My friend Leigh Ann and I both kinda noticed it, but I assumed it was the ladder reflecting, just a dumb thing I told myself to justify the fact that the paint color wasn't right. HAHA. I should have went with my gut, (always go with your gut) but three coats of paint later (an entire two days of work), Pat comes home and the first thing out of his mouth, "why does the room look like crest toothpaste", HA, funny but NOT funny! I was so beyond frustrated! Needless to say I took a few much needed weeks off from our bedroom makeover, weeks that turned into months!!!

The "Green Ladder"

Now here we are in June, four months later and the room is finally painted the RIGHT white! Within those few months of putting our bedroom on hold, my indecisiveness kicked in. HAHA oops! I was scrolling through Pinterest again and came across a minimalist bedroom that I really loved and didn't seem like so much work, trust me Pat was happy about that! Something about the simplicity of the room was intriguing and after the mishap with the "white paint" incident, simple seemed perfect!

Our room is still no where near complete. We finally got our beautiful dream catcher from bohemiansdreams up on the wall! We were cutting our tree in the backyard one day and I happen to look up and see the perfect branch for the dream catchers. Pat cut it down for me, it was incredibly dirty, which with my extreme OCD of cleanliness was just simply not gonna work, HAHA! Pat suggested scrubbing it off, letting it dry, and sealing it with wood sealer, I recommend a Satin so its not too shiny. Pat also built this amazing bay window rod out of piping for our window, which of course I totally forgot to document, however I promise I will do a blog post on the "how to" of that one day. We got a new fan, which I don't know if anyone else is like me, and hates the look of most fans. Sometimes it comes down to function over fashion

unfortunately, and a fan in the bedroom is a non negotiable. I found one that I actually liked, which was shocking, LOL. We still have to get night stands, lamps, a new rug, pretty much new everything HAHA, but I can truthfully say that through all of this ONE thing has remained consistent, and has been consistent throughout the entire process, my dream catchers, i'm kinda obsessed with them. That is what originally started this entire journey and one of these days I hope to finish our room makeover! Renovation and decorating is a process, an amazing process. It takes time and patience, sometimes it even tests your patience. I am here to tell you to just ENJOY THE RIDE. Sometimes I need to take my own advice if i'm being completely honest. I love instant gratification, but who doesn't? Decorating takes time & MONEY! Don't get discouraged if your home isn't instantly picture perfect, or as my Bf says, "Instagram perfect", just be patient. In the end, if you have a true desire to make your house a HOME, you begin to enjoy the little things and appreciate the process. <3


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